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    Interactive Agency building Social Capital

      This "Case Studies" tag group seems to be a pretty open still on clearstep.  I am sure there must be some of you with case studies.


      Nevertheless, right now, I proudly claim that my 14 year old business (25 employees) has 100% adoption of Clearspace  and we are now bridging in our clients and strategic partners successfully.  The change over was not easy, but now I can safely say it was well worth the investment.


      If anyone is interested to learn more about my experience, please let me know by adding to this discussion.  I'd be happy to share my experience in greater detail.

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          I'm interested in what you thought the barriers were, and what you thought were the most successful / alluring aspects of Clearspace for adoption.  For both, was it the tools, usability, or external factors (utility of content, forced or soft abandonment of former repositories, etc.)



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            IMHO, the biggest barrier for adoption was ourselves. At a human level, there are some of who felt change was unnecessary.  Generally these workers have a personal stake in our tradional methods, especially those around internal collaboration and decision making.


            Some of the activities that have helped with adoption include:

            • Clear sponsorship from C-suite
            • Selecting the right pilot effort
            • Communicating the change and providing context / rationale for change
            • Providing timely training, education, and support


            For our company, the most successful aspects of Clearspace for adoption are the ability to share intelligence, locate centers of excellence, capture knowledge  inside the enterprise, and manage document versions.  I also very much enjoyed the online socialization / culture that Clearspace enabled.