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    NASA Generation Y Perspectives

      This presentation was put together by 4 gen Yers that are working to change NASA and has some great information and challenges that could be applicable in many enterprise environments.



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          Cool.  That's a great preso and an even greater argument for taking social media to the next level at NASA as well as a lot of more traditional organizations.  It can be as much of a gen X/Y recruiting tool as it is a productivity improvement tool.

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            Right Adam.  I'm Gen X (barely @ 1976) and don't want to feel left out!  I think all generations will come to both accept and embrace this open culture of collaboration after they see the benefits.


            We're in the early stages of a revolutionary business transformation that will propel innovation in the disciplines we know and help to create those that are yet unknown.  Exciting times...

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              Wow, that was very engaging! Almost makes me want to start using presentation slides again!


              I have an insurance customer who is engaging their employee group called "Gen Y" in their social software pilot. They launched last week, and during our weekly update call today they told me that the folks using the site the most are, you guessed it, the Gen Y group. The rest of them are still trying to figure out why the site is useful (I'm doing some user training and brainstorming session next week to help with that).