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    Social Capital Inside the Enterprise - Achieve More with Less

      Here is the presentation that I gave at the Interactive Strategies conference in Houston last week.


      http://budurl.com/q8mg (links out to Slideshare acct)


      Intranets, long used for information sharing and project management, open new opportunities to attract and retain key talent and, at the same time, bring formerly siloed departments and functions into alignment. The result? A superior customer experience and a solid, measurable ROI.


      This topic will address the issues that are faced when leveraging the combination of social media and intranets to make an impact on enterprise performance, where ROI is appropriately front and center. Case studies across a range of industries and applications (ranging from technology management to oil and gas to media companies) will be featured. This session will also include an active question and answer period.


      I specifically focus on FG SQUARED strategy to use Clearspace to transition our company to a more contemporary business culture, one that is cooperative and metrics-oriented. There is an ROI calculation near the end of the deck.


      Let me know what you think.