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    Adoption Experiences

      We are in the process of evaluating Enterprise Networking solutions. One of the questions that has frequently arisen is adoption experiences. Over a given time period: What percent active? What percent spectator? Successes? Mistakes? I have collected some data from various sources that I am sharing below, but I would love to hear everyone else's experiences or research.


      Disclaimer: This is just my interpretation of stuff I have pulled together from various sources. It may not reflect actual experiences. Feel free to correct.



      SABRE Holdings



      65% Adoption – 3 Months after launch
      50% visited the site in last 2 wks – 1 year after launch
      60% - Probability that a community member question gets an answer in under an hour.


      35,000 employees
      Adoption – Active Users
      • Sep-07: Roll Out
      • Oct-07: 500 (pre-selected)
      • Dec-07: 1000
      • Jan-08: 2000
      • Mar-08: 3000
      • Sep-08: 9000
      Other Data
      • Jan-08: 40 communities (active/semi-active)
      • Apr-08: 85 communities (active)
      • Jun-08: “I perhaps underestimated the value around making content easier to find – and to engage with the people who created it.
      • Jun-08: “I also probably underestimated the business value of thousands of public conversations all publicly searchable.”
      Strategies Challenges
      • Goal was to develop internal social media skills before launching external efforts
      • Launch campaign centered on Give/Get Wins (recognition, exchange of knowledge, altruism, getting to know your peers)
      • May-08: Still not many VP level using system


      Rollout entreprise-wide in an unofficial capacity
      Adoption (after 4 months):
      • 3000 registered users – contributing
      • 21,000 unique visitors => 18,000 lurkers
      • 250 communities
      Traffic strategies for unofficial launch
      • Link to intranet home page
      • Word of mouth