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    Does the Recent activity/content/discussions widgets behave the way you expect?


      We have implemented an internal community and used the recent activity, recent discussion and the recent content widgets.  These do not give us what we need.  With the recent activity, we get everything.  The results is that an active poll with near 200 entries pushes everything else off the display.  Recent content and discussion do not show all, just the last one.  So,  if you have a hot topic with a lot of replies, you only see one.  That does not correctly represent the level of activity.


      Showing that people are voting in a poll is interesting if there is no other activity.  It would be better if the recent activity had a selection similar to the recent content where we could choose not to see poll activity.  Or if the definition for recent was time based and not restricted to only one message or thread.


      What are your thoughts?