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    Successful Carpooling Space


      My friends,

      We are going to put up a Space as part of our sustainability efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.  If you have set up a space to encourage carpooling, I would like to begin sharing information with you on what works and what doesn't.


      How do we make it simple and easy to connect?

      What ground rules do you think are needed?

      Can you share a screenshot of your CarPool space?

      Is it connected to a larger Sustainability Collaboration?

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          I'm beginning to wonder if I have posted this in the wrong location.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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            You might create custom profile fields, such as a checkbox "I am interested in carpooling". Maybe with a text field indicating approximate commute location. This last one is a little tricky in that you probably don't want to force employees to disclose their home address.

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              Good idea on the checkboxes.  I'll look into that.

              You are right about disclosing a home address through Clearspace.  I don't even want to get close to that!!


              Maybe the coversation shouldn't focus on setting up an actual carpool but on the resources one has available to carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, take a bike, news stories in support of, etc.


              Carpool may be too tightly focused.  What do you think?

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                Hi Wally,

                    This might be a good use of a google maps plugin to allow users to identify central locations that they would be willing to pick up other riders or that other riders could meet a driver.  There is an example of a google maps plugin in the Jivespace plugin page. Perhaps you could create a custom profile field to let users indicate that they are interested in carpooling and whether or not they are driving or just riding and finally a good central address for them (not necessarily their house).  This might be a good use of group to associate all of the users that have indicated they are interested in carpooling.  You could then either have a special page that was included via a plugin or perhaps use a macro to embed the carpooling map into a document that was part of the group.  Maybe each point on the map could contain a link to a special discusion related to that point.  Users could then use the point based discussions to organize specific carpooling groups.


                    Just a few brainstorming thoughts.  The sky is the limit and it has a good goal.



                Jon Garrison


                Jive Certified Clearspace Developer

                Swift Notion Software LLC

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                  Hi Wally - we're now looking into this and I've found your thread - do you have any updates? Did you set something up?



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                    Libby Taylor

                    Hey Jive Internal Communities members, this is an older discussion but pertinent to some of our new members... do any of you have carpooling groups or spaces in your community?