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    Offline blogging

      Are there tools available to allow users to blog offline and then upload their blog to their favorite blog on JCS?


      I've seen tools such as MSFT Windows Live Writer.  It support Word Press.  Just curious if something exists for JCS.




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          Hi Eric,

             My first thought is to recommend installing the Advanced Email Plugin by Aaron Johnson.  You could then use an offline email client to compose blogs, discussions and documents which you would later submit when you have an internet connection.



          Jon Garrison


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            Ted Hopton

            FYI, beware of a drawback with the Advanced Email Plugin: when you install it you lose the capability to filter autoreply messages. Because of that, we have uninstalled the Advanced Email Plugin.


            We had problems with people setting away or out of office messages on their email, especially during the winter holiday season. Any content they were subscribed to that got updated would trigger an email notification, which in turn triggered their autoreply. The away message would then post as a response or comment. Worse, the autoreply then triggered another email notification, so if another person also is away, then their out of office message would post -- triggering another notification and another post from the first person.


            We actually had an endless loop going on one thread. There is a filter in the Clearspace system properties, so we have tweaked that to eliminate most of these autoreplies from posting. But the Advanced Email plugin overrides that filter and does not provide one of its own. So, given the choice between that and being able to use the Advanced Email plugin, we chose to keep things cleaned up.

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              Just to clear things up, there's actually a really easy configuration change you can make in the Clearspace admin console that prevents out of office replies from getting posted via the email plugin: set the property 'mail.smtp.from' to a bounce email address, something like bounces@yourdomain.com, and then any / all out of office / auto reply emails (like mailbox full or user not found) will be sent to that address rather than being posted by back to the community.