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    Questions for the upcoming SBS roundtable with Nike, Cisco, and Forrester?

      The live webcast with Nike, Cisco, and Forrester Research is fast approaching -- April 9th. If anyone has specific questions for the panelists (below), let us know and we can submit them in advance for the Q&A portion of the Social Business Software Roundtable. The speakers include:


      • JR Bolen, Brand Marketing Information Manager, Nike
      • Arjo van Genderen, Brand Marketing Information Manager, Nike
      • Mike Odenheimer, Senior Manager of Marketing, Cisco
      • Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester


      The insights from the Brand team at Nike will be of particular interest to folks in this space (Internal Collaboration), as they have deployed Social Business Software as a social layer on top of their enterprise asset mangement system to help facilitate global collaboration on campaigns.


      We'll be posting links to the video once it's available (the event is already filled to capacity, with over 800 registrants), but your questions here could potentially be pulled into the live event on Thursday.