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    Supporting user adoption via FAQs and Tutorials

      Hello Everyone!


      I understand that Clearstep is a community that aims to be platform agnostic in its discussion, so I'm framing this request accordingly:


      Have you ever considered collaborating with another customer to create FAQs for your vendor's new features?  Would you like to see it in action?  Or give it a try?  :-)


      If we're all in the same boat, for a particular product, such as Clearspace 2.5 for example :-), is there value in sharing the work of creating FAQs and tutorials that we'll all use?


      If you'd like to check out this experiment, please join this project for creating FAQs for the new Clearspace 2.5 features: http://eval2.jivesoftware.com/beta/community/feedback/projects/creating-faqs-for-25-test-project


      Again, I wouldn't want this discussion thread to be particular to Clearspace, as I realize that is what the support Forums are for.  Mainly, I'd love for you all to check out the project!