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    How do you bridge the generational gap?


      Question from Jive's Social Business Software roundtable webcast today with Nike, Cisco, and Forrester:


      How do you bridge the generational gap?


      Nike mentioned that they felt it was less of an issue of generational differences but often more related to length of time at the company.


      Cisco mentioned that often larger companies just take longer to adopt new ways whereas newer companies respond more rapidly for new ways of increasing productivity.


      Any other thoughts?

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          Hi Adam,


          I think it is generally accepted that there are four generations currently in the work force:


          1. Traditionalists (1922-1945)
          2. Boomers (1946-1964)
          3. GenX (1965-1982)
          4. GenY (1983-1997)


          As with any communication challenge, the first step is knowing that there is a generational gap that needs bridging.


          I wonder if "larger" companies tend to have a wider representation from each of the four groups whereas "newer" companies are more apt to be populated with individuals around the same age.


          Even within a stereotypical "generation" you'll have individual behavioral variations but you're more likely to have a computerphobic traditionalist than a computerphobic GenY. I think the question was likely intended to focus on the acceptance of online social business/networking and possibly why boomers may be resisting the wave?


          Or, do you even remember what prompted this question posted a year ago?


          With that in mind - why do you think certain questions posted here in jivespace garner more responses than others?


          - G