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    Clearspace vs ... ???

      Hi all,


      I am looking for a document that describes the differences between Clearspace, Confluence, Yammer, wikkis, intranets, etc. Oregon is piloting Clearspace right now and I have observed a great deal of confusion regarding the offerings of Clearspace versus other platforms/tools being used (mentioned above). Any resources and/or discussion on the topic would be greatly appreciated!



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          Hi Dawn,


          I definitely understand the confusion and the need for clarity across the board. Part of the fun and the frustration of being around new technology is that a lot of different solutions get lumped into a single category. Moreover, this issue is exaggerated as people relate new technology back to previous technologies it replaces or complements.


          1st thing, Jive Clearspace no longer exists. Jive has rebranded its solution as Jive Social Business Software or Jive SBS. I won't give you the long marketing pitch. You can think of Social Business Software as a single platform that integrates a variety of social technologies (wikis, blogs, forums, social networking, rich media) and serves them up in an intelligent way allowing your organization to better work with its employees, customers and partners. OK, I know that sounded like marketing talk at the end.


          So that is what Jive provides, so let's talk about the other topics you mention:


          Confluence: Confluence is a leading wiki solution provided by a company called Atlassian. Wikis are basically online documents that anyone can edit and link to. This is a great way for people to collaborate on content especially when the alternative is writing a Word Document and emailing it back and forth with your colleagues.


          Yammer: Yammer is a microblogging solution for companies. Microblogging is basically a way to communicate with the world your status or thoughts at any one moment. The popular consumer version of this is Twitter. The idea is you can keep stay up to date with all of your colleague's activities and thoughts by following their Yammer posts. Jive does provide microblogging functionality in the form of status updates. However, JIve does not contend to be a microblogging solution.


          Intranets: So this is a big one. Intranets come in many sizes, shapes and colors. In most organizations, the intranet is most likely a web portal based on technology from companies like IBM, Oracle, SAP, BEA and Microsoft. Microsoft's SharePoint is becoming the dominant solution in this market. So, can Jive be an intranet? The answer is, it depends what the purpose of your intranet is. If you want a site  where you can get company materials or gain access to your HR site, the solutions I mentioned prior are great. However, many leading organizations are rethinking what a company intranet can provide and how it can be leveraged to connect dispersed individuals, promote innovation, improve marketing programs and transform customer support. For those organizations, Jive SBS provides a variety of capabilities aimed at addressing those specific business goals. In short, the main difference between Jive SBS and traditional intranet applications is that there is a 2-way flow of information. Whereas with traditional intranets, the goal was to access information you need and then leave, Social Business Software relies on the contributions and conversations of individuals to drive the content within the site.


          I hope this helps provide some clarity.

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            Wow, thanks! I will share this information with others. BTW, my bad on the whole "Clearspace" thing. I should know better. It's all about SBS now!



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              Hi Cameron,

              Perhaps it would help if you also described how a wiki and some level microblogging are implemented in SBS.

              Do I have this right?

              Wiki=Clearspace/SBS Documents

              Microblog=Clearspace/SBS Status Updates (kinda)

              Forum=Clearspace/SBS Discussions

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                You're right Wally. I had hoped to ignite conversation on this topic within our internal community (GovSpace) because I think there is an important distinction to be made between what people are familiar with (wikis and intranets) and what SBS is (platform for internal and external collaboration). SBS is not a wiki or an intranet - it is collaboration software! I knew the answer before asking the question, but wanted to engage our community in the discussion so that the question could be answered collectively. Since my discussion on GovSpace didn't generate any immediate feedback, I thought I'd try it here so that I could share the information with our community. Your comments are helpful. You should add them to the discussion I created in GovSpace too.

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                  Ha, look at Dawn making me write the big long explanation and she already knew the answer.

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                    Yeah, but you are far more eloquent.

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                      Hi Wally,


                      At a high level, your summary is correct. However, I want to make it very clear that although these tools each provide value as standalone entities, it is when they are brought together that you start seeing the true power of SBS. For instance, we are having a disussion in Clearstep. For instance, SBS allows a user to convert any discussion thread into a document. This is very useful for instance, when a discussion thread results in a solution to a technical problem and a company wants to publish and archive the conversation.


                      Moreover, if I convert this thread to a document, I can then allow other people to edit the content directly in line on the page. Thus, a discussion started by Dawn has now morphed into a collaborative document with multiple authors becoming a source of record for other users.


                      Now the real fun begins. As people edit, rate, comment on, or bookmark the document, those activities are automatically seen by other individuals within their networks. This in turn brings more people to the document and information is shared across the organization.


                      and there is more...


                      Since all of this activity is happening in Clearstep, a community outside of Jive's firewall and open to anyone, I can not expect that everyone within Jive is following my Clearstep activities. However, with SBS 3.0 we introduced the concept of bridging. This allows individuals to view all the activity that is happening across multiple bridged communities of which they are members. Meaning, when one of my connections within JIve logs into our internal deployment of JIve SBS on Monday morning, he is going to see that I added to this discussion and if he is interested by the topic, can quickly open a link to this complete thread. This is all from his own personalized view on a different community.


                      So, I guess I gave you a long answer to a short question. But SBS should not be seen simply as a conglomeration of social technologies.

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                        To add to the richness of this discussion, I thought I'd post two of the comments I received, motivating me to post this discussion in the first place.


                        In response to a question I posted regarding whether or not DHS (my agency) has a Community Manager and whether or not DHS will be pursuing any demos:

                        Hi everybody! DHS does not currently have a community manager for this site. We are in the process of building our own community to support all areas of DHS (the DHS intranet project) and expect it to be ready this fall. Due to our size, the DHS community environment will need to be seperate from the overall egov platform.



                        In response to my suggestion that a co-worker consider using GovSpace for one of their projects/trainings:

                        The Transformation Unit is using Yammer. I am not all that smart about these things, but think it may be very much like GovSpace. Here's the link: https://www.yammer.com/. If you think GovSpace is more robust or offers more features, we should invite some of the Transformation staff to use it. Let me know what you think.


                        Thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion. Hopefully others will find it helpful when approached by similar questions.

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                          I think Cameron has eloquently put into words the differences between the different types of Web 2.0 technologies out there.


                          At Bupa we're facing the same questions and putting together some initial guideposts as we speak and in fact I'll clear it with internal people and see if I can posts here when done. Ultimately though we're taking the approach that the community will define what gets used for what and to pass that knowledge on to new people as they come on board.


                          BTW Would love to see your The specified item was not found..

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                            Billy Volpone

                            Just to chime in and piggy back on what Cameron said- I'm internal here at Jive and before our 3.0 release & the new bridging feature, I was not able to be on Clearstep as much as I would have liked. Now I have a widget on my own internal, behind the firewall Jive homepage that is just showing me recent content from Clearstep. That is the only reason I was able to see this discussion and post this response.