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    I'll show you mine if you show me yours, Home page that is

      At Bupa we're at the beginnings of a Jive rollout for our employee community. One thing we're interested in is what other companies home pages look like as we get the feeling that this is basically the first impression area that people see and that over time your personal home page becomes the one you see every day.


      So am asking this community, if you have a home page for your social business software community would you mind posting it up here to share with others?


      I'll commit to sharing ours when done in return.



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          Ted Hopton

          Hi, Iain,


          I saw your post when it first came up, but was concerned about a couple of things. First, I don't feel like our home page is where we want it to be. I'm always fiddling with it and trying different things. Second, it's an internal community, so I can't post everything that shows up on it in a public community like this.


          However, I decided to share what it looks like now, making clear that it's not a finished/polished result. Still, it may give you and others ideas. Also, I used a photo editing tool to obscure anything potentially sensitive, so you'll see lots of blurred or erased stuff -- that's why.


          Here's the top of the page:

          main page top blur.gif

          Of note:

          • Links to get help using the tool are in top left
          • CEO's blog is pulled in with the Enhanced Blog Posts widget top center (he blogs regularly and his posts are the most viewed content)
          • Group of the Week -- highlights different groups to create awareness of them
          • Wiki Win of the Week -- I've written about The specified item was not found.. These are successes people have had using the tool (which we call a wiki, even though it's more than that)
          • Featured Content -- useful links
          • Wikiman Blog -- my blog (the community manager)
          • Popular Blog Posts
          • Explore the Wiki! -- this is the space widget and I've erased most of the names of our spaces, but you get the idea -- quick navigation links


          Here's the bottom half of the page:

          main page bottom blur.gif

          Of note:

          • Popular Discussions -- they are, uh, popular
          • Popular Documents -- see above
          • Our Community -- lists the number of community members, which is only interesting while the community is growing
          • Popular Tags -- we want to get people to use the tag cloud more to navigate (not there, yet)
          • Help Wanted -- RSS feed from a space we created for enterprise-wide posting of jobs


          OK, there you have it!