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    Tag Folders Revisited...


      I have read the few strands on tag folders (this one is particulary good: The specified item was not found.)

      but still have a few questions that weren't answered or addressed.


      We love the use of Tag Folders and use the feature all the time in our community. However, we do need the option of creating a tag folder structure for the main community which includes docs etc. from all the sub-communities which have that tag.


      Scenario: We have sub-communities for several countries and they all have action plan documents posted in their communities. But we would like to have a tag folder named "Action Planning" that appears on the main community landing page. This way, everyone can easily access anything associated with action plans that have been tagged across several sub-communities.  (Much like you can for the recent content widget).


      It seems the advantage of tag folders is the ability for documents/discussions/blogs to live in several different folders--but right now this is only true within the same community. Right?


      Also, why aren't group creators/authors able to choose the tag folder widget under customize?  It doesn't exist.

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          Ted Hopton

          Good points here -- I'd like to see the capabilities added that you've identified.

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            Hi Theresa,


            You bring up some great points, and improving Tag Groups (aka Tag Folders) is on our radar. For the 3.5 release we're going to be maturing Tag Groups somewhat, but we won't be able to address this specific request due to time constraints until a future release. This enhancement is filed as CS-8298.


            About them not showing up when customizing Group overview pages, we are planning to add that to the set of Group and Project widgets in the 3.5 release.


            In the future, a great place for product-specific feature discussion is in the Jivespace Feature Discussion.