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    Documentation on Discussion Forum "Question" functionality



      We implemented Clearspace into our LMS, but not all the functionality is exposed in the UI. I'm looking to expand additional Clearspace functionaltiy, specificlly the "Mark this thread as a Question functionality. I'm wonder if someone can point me to documentation on how this works, what determines if the question is answered, what data is available for reporting, etc.




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          Hi Greg,


          Thank you. That answered most of my how to questions.


          Is there any documentation about the Analytics tool that would help me understand what type of reports can be run, on open and answered questions specifically?





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            Hi Marti,


            There are two different approaches you can use to help understand dynamics around questions and answers.


            There are a set of reports in the admin console that will give you a count of the number of questions and the number of answered and unanswered questions across the community or within a specific space.  If you go to the "Reporting" tab and then to the "Reports" sub-tab you will get the menu shown below:


            From there you can pick a specific space of time period to report on.  Below is an example showing the trend of answered questions across a community as a whole:




            The second approach is to use the analytics data warehouse (part of the analytics module).  This provides tremendous flexibility to answer a broad range of business questions and gives you access to data at a much more granular level.  You can access the data warehouse using anything from Excel to the more sophisticated enterprise BI tools.


            When a new thread is created as a question, the following information is captured and stored in the data warehouse:

            • User_id and User_name who posted
              • Time stamp
              • Subject line
              • Where it was posted
              • If the post was marked as a question

              Once the question has been posted, the warehouse will record a comprehensive record of activity associated with the question:

              • User_id and User_name of everyone who read the question (clicked on the thread)
              • User_id and User_name of everyone who replied to the question
              • Timestamp of viewing and replying activity
                • From which elapsed time can be derived
              • Identification of replies marked as correct or helpful
              • Timestamp of helpful or correct replies
              • User profile information can be retrieved based on the user_id

              When a thread contains a helpful or answered result it is recorded with special event codes ( 290= AIDED, and 300 = RESOLVED)

              • So for querying purposes the direct_object_type would be 1 (message), the direct_object_id gets joined to the message_id and the activity type is either 290 or 300


              This data allows maximum flexibility for answering a variety of specific business questions.  Some examples are:

              • Elapsed time from question to answer
              • Most popular answered thread (views)
              • Most popular unanswered thread (views)
              • Most active question "answerer"



              Hope this is helpful.



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                Wow, that's exactly the missing piece I was looking for. Thanks so much.