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    Workflow for documents

      We are really struggling internally on the workflow for different types of content in Clearspace/SBS. For example, what happens when you hit save after a document has already been published? Does save publish your changes or do you have to hit publish. If you don't have to hit publish, why is it there? Is this different between documents and blogs? Is there a place to find this workflow so it's easy to understand and explain to employees?

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          Ted Hopton

          For docs, "Save" just gives you the reassurance that you won't lose your work if the browser/connection/site crashes, yet you haven't published it for all to see if you weren't finished.


          For blog posts you can open the Extended Options and choose whether the post will be published, unpublished or scheduled for later publication.


          Can't say I know where this would be documented -- this is based on my experience.

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            Ted is correct, and you can find the documentation on these buttons here. I hope that helps.

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              Thanks for the comments.


              This is not the experience when you have already published the document. Yesterday, one of our Marketing folks was updating a blog with new pictures and hit save, because she wanted to save her changes, but wasn't ready to publish.


              It's confusing that the "publish" button is still there on drafts, if it doesn't actually have a different action from "save" on already published blogs/documents.



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