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    Gotta convince community that Clearspace is much more than just question-answer forum. Any suggestions?



      I am part of developer enablement team at John Deere India.


      My team is encouraging more and more people - developers, supervisors and managers - to leverage the varied collaboration options available with Clearspace.


      Many of them have in past used discussion forums - typical threaded posting - to post their queries and get replies.

      They are looking at Clerspace in that narrow scope. So they are missing its various collaboration features.

      So they are only visitng it when they have problem and would like someone to answer it.

      That results in fewer visits to Clearspace.

      So, they also miss out lot of information and knowledge being shared there.


      I even had tough time convincing a manager that Clearspace is much more than just question-answer forum.


      However, my team is all set to change this scene.


      I would be very glad to read know your suggestions.


      Is there any guidelines document from Clearspace which I could use to convince my people? I would be happy to read that.




      Sachin Raverkar