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    Using Clearspace for Expert/Skills Identification


      Hi I'm interested in building online employee networks or communities to leverage existing knowledge within my company.  A key goal is to help people identify experts and their expertise within the company. I'm looking for a robust user profile, skills identification capability, and social network mapping that leverages web 2.0 features like tagging to simplify the process. How are people using Clearspace to do that?


      We currently have our technical employees rate themselves in about 150+ skills as part of their online user profile within our existing community.  I am  interested in seeing how Clearspace can make that an easier process but still as comprehensive and allow us more flexibility if we want to provide different questions to different types of employees (e.g. marketing, finance)  that clearly would not want to go through the same skills identification process as the technical folks.


      Being able to view the skill clusters and people in a map would be really cool.


      Thanks in advance! Angelique