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    Promotion of stories

      Working with content management systems, there are ways to promote particular stories to certain pages.


      I understand that SBS is about promoting the idea of community and free access to information, but our company really likes to work within a structure, so we have been discussing Space standards to help people know where to expect certain kinds of information.


      One thing I would like to do on our main company space is be able to promote specific blog posts or information from different spaces or groups to a main space -- SBS is great at broad brush strokes of information but pinpointing and targeting information to people is a bit more fuzzy.


      Are there any internal discussion at Jive about how to still provide the targeted communication that is necessary inside of organizations through SBS?

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          hi Nova Newcomer,


          A couple thoughts:


          • what I see in screenshots from customers and in the usage on our own internal instances is that a lot of people use the FormattedTextWidget to create sort of a "what you need to know about this space" document that has pointers to all the important / useful content
          • in the upcoming 4.0 release we added the ability to 'feature' specific pieces of content, be it a document, blog post or thread so that you, as the community / group / project administrator, can quickly / frequently go through the place, pick out relevant / important content and have it automatically added to the homepage. This came out of a lot of requests for what a lot of users call "sticky threads" and our existing support for featuring videos.


          Hope that helps,



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            This will be great to have the possibility to feature items!





            Nova Newcomer



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              Hi Nova -


              Do you have people who can code on the Jive platform?  We created something we call the "Signpost widget" to guide users to content.  It lives in the widget bin of a space like all other widgets and space leaders can utilize it (one or more) to guide users to certain content.


              All the signpost widget does is allow a user to enter a title for the group box, a display name for each item and a corresponding url.  The user can also order the list of items.  These items will be links and they will display in multiple columns as needed depending on how many there are.


              This widget is used extensively by our space leaders.  They might create a particular search, permalink the results, and add the url into the signpost widget to guide users to the search result set.  They also use the widget to guide users to "How to get started in this space" documents or to what we call "landing page" documents.  We use documents as landing pages with high-level information and links to supporting content.  You can think of it like using a document as a folder if that makes sense   The landing page idea didn't require any coding, it's just a practice we put in place to help people deal with content that has some structure.  It works quite well for us.


              Our users like the signpost widget because it's very simple and easy to use.



              I hope that helps,


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                Ted Hopton

                Hi Amanda,


                Would you be willing to share the Signpost widget? Sounds pretty useful!

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                  Hi Ted -


                  I'll see how easily encapsulated it is to see if we can do that and I'll get back to you.  We are mid-sprint right now though so we couldn't commit a resource to making it available for at least another week.