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    Connect Status Update to Twitter

      You'll get A TON more value if the Status update can be connected with Twitter, just as Facebook does.  This will allow people to use their Twitter clients to update Clearspace status updates, making that experience livelier and richer.  My friends on Clearstep, are very active users of Twitter, yet none of them have a status update on this site.

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          +2 for this idea.


          Also, what about parsing the Clearstep-specific hashtags or other Twitter-chatter in Twitter and publishing them here.

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            Agree, would be a cool feature. I was talking about this with Greg and Clay this weekend actually, couple questions that came up: what exactly would Twitter integration do? Would you mirror Twitter updates in Clearspace? Or push Clearspace updates to Twitter? Or both? How would you render a Twitter direct reply in Clearspace? What if I attempt a directly reply to someone in Clearspace?





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              I have also been thinking of was to start to utilize other Social Media sites to work with my community. I heard a great presentation at the online Marketing summit that talked about the Social Media Broadcast System. The speaker laid out a system that used Twitter for the out bound notification for all the components such as blogs, community, facebook, youtube and so on.


              I think it would be great if you could set it up so that any time somebody posted on a community or blog a tweet would be send out with a link or notification of some type. I thing there is some great benefit to pushing your content out of the community service like facebook as well. But at the same time pulling content form other social media sites such as youtube.


              Love to here your thoughts on best practices for setting this type of connected social media experience.

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                Yeah, great ideas! I'm in the midst of tweaking a personal social media broadcast system via TwitterFeed - any time I post a photo to Flickr tagged 'share' it shrinks the link (via Twurl - trackable!) and posts it to my Twitter account. Same goes for my mobile photo blog, via Flickr's auto-blog feature (via another tag). So, I have one point of entry that re-broadcasts pertinent subsets to other outlets -- keeps me from having duplicate streams out there, but gets the relevant images to the right places. RSS feeds based on tags are just so great. And powerful.


                Can we grab an RSS feed of an individual's status updates? You could pump that right into Twitter with TwitterFeed from any Clearspace instance.