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    "You currently have no friends."

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      Ouch!  Harsh!  What about "You have not yet added any friends,"  with a link to that functionality?


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          I just laughed out loud when I read that.  I'd have to agree with Heidi -- rather than creating another chink in one's armor of self-esteem, other wording such as what she suggests might be nice.


          Now I must go in search of new friends to bolster my self-image.

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            Heh, but it did move you into action to add friends, right? 

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              I laughed outload as well.  Suggestion to Jive and other software developers:  Have somebody in marketing/communications review all the messages that users may encounter from the system.  No offense techies, but we look at things differently.


              We had a similar experience with the "You are not authorized to view this content" message that people see when they click on a notification but are not yet logged in.  All people had to do was login but based on the way the message was written it looked like there was some technical problem or they didn't have the right permissions so they would contact us.  Those calls ceased when we manually changed the text with a big login form.