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    Suggestion: Maximize my space on Your View Tab and Elsewhere


      First I must complement you on the design of the Clearstep community space.  It is refreshing, colors are soothing to the eye, and extremely well done.  I do have some suggestions.


      As a community admin, I often hear from my users that that don't like big banners at the top of the space and its pages; they want maximum use of the screen for viewing content, collaborating in wiki pages, etc. I find myself in their shoes here in Clearstep.  So I offer you the following suggestions:


      • Use the smaller Clearstep banner on the Your View Tab; I have lots of widgets that I want here and your banner takes too much of MY space; it's supposed to be MY view isn't it?
      • Recommend reducing the size of the larger banner on the All Content tab page as wekk; all the static content (banner, welcome, Barry's photo, half of Gia's face ) take up my entire screen; I must scroll down to see any of the dynamic content; I'm lazy. 
      • With the above feedback in mind, look at the design of the rest of the site to see whether there are opportunities to maximize the space yet maintain ample breathing room, no clutter.


      Hope that is useful feedback.  Angelique

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          Angelique - i totally agree with your feedback/suggestions.  I am currently in the process of planning out some design tweaks to help with overall usability and clear action paths for encouraging participation.  Part of that is making the site easier to navigate through and making better use of screen real-estate.  So your comments are well timed.  Thank you!