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    Reporting on discussion/question threads

      Hi all-


      We have recently launched our open source community site (http://medsphere.org/), hosted on Clearspace Community, to a small number of early adopters.  While we have discussions and questions being answered by community members now, we also have some questions/discussions getting stale. I want to direct internal resources to respond to these questions.


      In the Clearspace Reporting module I see a graph that shows me 'unanswered questions' and 'no replies'.


      1) Is there a way to see a list of those threads so I can direct staff to take a look and respond?


      2) Do these graphs represent totals on a particular day?  e.g., if on Thursday there were 4 unanswered and on Fri there are 5, I am assuming that there are simply 5 unanswered on Friday, not 9.


      Many thanks, Ben

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          I'm moving this thread to the Feedback/Suggestions space.  Clearstep is a best practices community for all community platforms, and not just Clearspace specifically.  The question you posted is about how Clearspace works.  This is more of a support related question than a best practices.


          However, I don't want to leave you high and dry - you can view unanswered questions as a filter in the discussion areas of Clearspace.  You can also setup a notification in each community (via the admin console) when questions have gone unanswered for a given period of time.  I don't know the answer to the reporting question but I'll find out.


          I'd recommend joining the Jive Customers group here on Clearstep - these types of questions would be more welcomed there.

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            Whoops -- sorry, I wasn't sure where the appropriate place for this was.  Feel free to delete the question and I can report in the Clearspace community.  Thanks, Ben