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    How does Branch work?

      I've seen Branch in a few discussions in our Clearspace platform.  What is it?  How do I use it?

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          Branching is designed to allow you to take one reply hierarchy in a Discussion and create a new Discussion from it while leaving the rest of the original Discussion in place. It is generally used in case one part of a Discussion goes off-topic from the original. To use it (assuming you have the right permission to do so), just click on the Branch action and follow the steps.

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              I have a similar question. If I find a reply in a discussion that I think would make a great new topic - for example if someone adds some information in their reply that is valuable to the discussion, but would make a great new discussion thread in which to discuss that topic/information, would I be able to branch off that reply to start a new discussion about that topic without removing the reply from the original thread?


              As I am understanding it, branching off a reply into a new discussion might remove the reply from the original discussion. I'm afraid to test this out without knowing the ramifications first. It would be ideal for that reply to be the start of a new discussion, while leaving the entire other thread intact. Does this make sense?


              If branching a reply into a new discussion were to remove that reply from the original thread it was intended for, then it might make more sense for me to either start the new discussion myself or send a private message to the reply author asking them to start the new discussion about the topic in their original reply.


              I hope I'm misunderstanding this - it would be great if it was easier than I'm making it out to be!