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    Do you have a "vision" for your internal community?


      Besides the daily/weekly/monthy tasks that it takes to keep people connected and your community running - do you have a far reaching vidion of how you see your internal community in the future?  I'd love to hear any insights you may have on the future of this medium/platform for internal communication and employee engagement.

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          Hmmm... 30 days of silence must mean the "V" word is not allowed in this environment...this stuff is still pretty new.


          In the sense that collaboration is presumed to do things never before experienced in (person X's) corporate culture, perhaps our collective "vision" focuses on a bright and shining space that cannot be looked at directly.  The big selling point of collaboration technology is that, when communications and conversations cut across traditional organizational structures, Stuff Happens.  The community becomes "outside of the box."


          We "envision" synergies that are the product of "accidents" that we cannot imagine.  The mailroom clerk rams his trolley into a water cooler bottle storage, and the head of engineering sees the energy dissipated in a fountain of water out of the bottle.  Ten days later, he has a safety barricade for high-speed highways.


          There are simpler visions. Really large organizations envision a reduction in duplication-of-effort. Geographically dispersed organizations envision a more "connected" company, lower travel costs. Some people want a way to work out ideas and projects somewhere other than in meetings.  Collaboration sites can be incubators for projects that cannot get funding.


          Some people say we will all go the way of the dinosaur if we don't get on this bandwagon now, and we don't want to be the ignorati left behind as the lava flow comes down the mountain.


          Here's some Vision for your Holday reading:  http://www.wikinomics.com/blog/