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    Quick reminder:

      Hi everyone,


      Just a quick reminder that this space has never been private, and is readable by anyone, anonymously. This was also the case when it was part of Clearstep. Also, note that your Profile - when it was on Clearstep and now, on Jivespace - has always been viewable by anonymous viewers. Make certain that you have set visibility preferences about your full name and email address by navigating to your profile and clicking "Edit Profile" in the Actions menu on the right.


      (I received a direct email from a community member about this, so thought I'd make it a public service announcement).

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          Also, just to make certain that people know - unauthenticated users (which would include Google crawlers) see a very limited set of your profile fields.  Even if you do allow members to have visiblity of your email or phone #, etc., they are not visible to anyone who is not logged in.  Example pic below - view of my profile when not logged in.


          js profile pic.png