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      From one of our users:


      "Are there any ways to create folders / sections within a group space, so that as the space developes you can mange / organise the blogs / discussions / documents into sections such as Topic A / Topic B / Topic C rather than just a big list of jumbled up inputs??"


      Is this a feature of SBS 4.0?

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          Hi Russell,


          Great question! This is indeed a new feature in 4.0. Admins and Group owners can add and manage categories in spaces and groups for exactly this type of organization.


          Picture 1.png


          Users can select categories or and they will be recommended to anyone creating content based on the tags they add.


          Anyone can then filter any content type by categories or tags:


          Picture 2.png



          Hope this helps!



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              Hi - I'm curious how flexible the Categories are. Is the feature easily removed or renamed?  Are they extended properties on spaces or something else?  I'm asking because we had a need for this feature when we first started with Clearspace 2 years ago. So we developed "Topics" - metadata labels that our space leaders could create and manage in the same way as tag groups (which were not well received by our users incidentally).   Topics are renameable, searchable, filterable in the documents tab, etc.  Users apply topics during creation or edit and they use them extensively - much more than tags - because they help bring some consistency to the work areas when you are using Jive to get daily work done and moving around among spaces.


              So, seeing this new feature is interesting, but of course it also makes me realize we will have to figure out how to merge this with the feature we already have in place.  We've done that before as we had created our own version of "Groups"  in CS 1.x and we had to migrate that when 2.x was released.  So, we'll be very interested to see how this was implemented and how easy it is to work with from a customization & migration perspective.




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                  It sounds like what you've implemented is very similar. Categories can be edited -- rename them, add or remove tags... -- and can be applied to or removed from any content at any time. Deleting a category entirely doesn't affect the content (categories work like tags in that regard).


                  I'll leave it to those closer to your account to work with you on the technical details.