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    Let's Talk Metrics

      OK, this group has been focussed on nuts and bolts of making reports with the data warehouse files. Good, useful stuff. But once we can create reports, what should we look at, and why, and more important, how do we act on the metrics?


      So, tossing this out as a very general starter discussion... what metrics are you using? Do you wan to use? For what, why, and what actions do you take in response?

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          Ted, thanks for a great conversation starter!

          The work I’ve been doing for Jive Support started with a simple question: how can we more effectively leverage publicly accessible data in the Supportal? As you know, it is a goal of ours to  increase the value of content available to our customers on Jivespace. The ideal is to make our SBS instance a rich repository of knowledge where our customers can quickly and effectively access complete solutions to common support issues. This will increase our customers’ probabilities of success and allow Support Engineers to focus their time and energy on higher leverage activities. 

          That question gave me a key focal point. Next I began to think about the measurable aspects of the supportal: principals (Support Engineers and Customers), objects (blog posts, documents,  discussions, cases, videos), and containers (social groups, public spaces, customer spaces, projects). In the simplest terms: who, what, and where. That breakdown led me to a few obvious questions:

          • Who reads public content?
          • Who creates public content?
          • Who creates support cases?
          • What is the most viewed content?
          • Where is content created?
          • Where is content viewed most often?
          • Where is the best place to create new content?
          • How do users find public content?

          All of these things are measurable with Analytics! The queries I came up with helped me learn a few interesting things that have helped shape my understanding of this inquiry:

          • The most frequent case creators are among the most active readers of all types of content.
          • Customers who read a lot, search a lot.
          • A surprising number of case creators do not read or search public content.
          • Content in public spaces is roughly ten times more likely to be read than content in an open social group
          • Documents in public spaces are very widely read


          I'd love to hear more about what everyone else is working on!

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              My quetion is similar to this one, but I'd like to know how we compare to others.  For example, some people think the "10% rule" is valid for an internal community.  This is where 10% of your user base is active and the other 90% are viewers. Is this what other people are experiencing, or is your rate higher?


              Do those high level metrics exist?