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    Are forced-notifications a sought after feature?


      We are currently evaluating enterprise community platforms to deploy both internally and externally within our client accounts.  To begin the user adoption process within our own team (Marketing) - since we'll be the ones who evangelize the community approach throughout the organization - we started our own community using a Jive Express instance.  It's really working well for us as the team is immediately seeing the benefits of collaborating within a community vs. traditional email (and even some of the pioneers of team collaboration like Basecamp and Central Desktop - which obviously don't even compare to Jive).


      But there are a couple features that don't exist that our team (as well as those who we've demo'd this to) is demanding: cross-posting of content and forced notifications of content (this one being the most important).  Sure, we understand that if the members utilized the community properly and frequently (and connect with those members that they wish to "follow"), this wouldn't be a huge issue.  But in the real world (especially our environment where teams are being pulled in every direction possible as they are expected to deliver more with less), our community platform will not be the center of attention throughout the day.  And when we try to convince our Chief Marketing Officer that he no longer needs to send emails requiring user responses to a distribution list, migrating to a community approach that doesn't allow him to force-notify his team that he's just posted our 2010 marketing plan where participation is key, is not going to fly.  I realize that the "send as email" feature exists for all content, but this is very inefficient as it requires you to scroll through all of the users and select those who should be notified.  Ideally, we'd like to see a feature that exists in most other collaboration platforms, where there's an option at the bottom of every content submission form that allows you to select entire communities or sub-communities (and even select users within those communities) to be notified of a new content posting.


      Here's an example of what is included at the bottom of all content submission forms (from another community platform vendor).  First, you select which groups/sub-communities to which you want to post this content (this is another feature that’s important to us – to post across multiple communities – and from what I understand, this is not something that’s offered out-of-the-box but would require some significant customization.  Once you choose which groups/sub-communities to post to, you are then given the option to force-notify that group or to just select specific users that you follow or are connected with (sorry that this image is slightly unreadable - Jive automatically resizes images down to a smaller size from the source image - therefore I uploaded the source as an attachment):



      Would others find these types of features useful within the Jive platform?

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          I'm glad to hear that Express has overall been working well for you so far!


          First, regarding cross-posting of content: this is something we have been thinking quite a bit about recently. In particular, when is the right set of people not already grouped, either in spaces, groups, or projects? I'd love to hear some more examples of the type of content that you would want to post to multiple places, and how those places are different.


          The idea of forced notifications is an interesting one. Currently, people can choose to subscribe to email notifications for an entire place, in which case they would get a message about anything posted, but this is still the individual's choice. That has the benefit of letting them control their flow of information so that it doesn't become overwhelming. There might be a way through customization of the full version of SBS to default users into those notifications, if required. I have also heard the idea of enabling addressing of a group of people with Send by Email. But, as you mentioned, that would still be a separate step.


          Has anyone else found a need to force notifications, or how are you addressing the uncertainty about whether a message is getting through?