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    What were your biggest takeaways from JiveWorld?


      I loved meeting up with the other Community Managers - I thought it was very interesting that there seemed to be a lot of overlap on some issues.

      To date our Jive internal SBS implementation has been more about knowledge sharing and communication. I think with the 4.0 updates and the Doc Verse  Office 2007 plugin it's going to change the way we do business to a more collaborative work environment and am very exited.

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          Meeting and sharing with the other internal community owners.  Being stuck with IE6 as a corporate standard browser was a pain shared by a number of us.  Needing an internal video hosting solution and that the Jive video module was of no use to us was a common comment.  And that some of the base level code changes and assumptions were having a negative impact on a number of us, such as changes with the way the code handles Flash, phonetic search, and file sizes.


          I enjoyed the presentaitons and hearing about the other communities.