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    Android App. and Win Mobile App.


      I like the capability to respond via my email enabled phone when I'm out and about. Unfortunately this means you have to start the conversation before you leave the house and you can't see the discussion in context so you have to use your memory so you don't sound stupid.


      Enter Android. I have a Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR from T-Mobile. I've looked at our site through the phone's browser. Other than it taking a while to load and it saying we don't have a certificate from an approved Certificate Authority(which is by the way untrue) it is a fairly pleasant experience but it's left me wanting more.


      I can visit T-Mo's forums right from their T-Mobile My Account app which is available free from Android Marketplace. The application(is fairly simple and I can easily search for content, post a new thread, look at response and then respond again while I am away from my computer. I don't get the frills but I get more freedom to be where I want. The app is integrated with *name that shouldn't be mentioned* . You're welcome to check it out on a CLIQ, a my Touch or a G1.


      For a Jive Android app. I'd like the following:


      Homescreen widget

      Status bar Notification or widget notification for thread I authored

      Status bar Notification or widget notification for threads I participated in.

      Search By community, by open questions, discussions, answered questions

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          Hi Mark,


          We just released several improvements to community access via (mobile) email, as well as our first native mobile application (for the iPhone) with version 4.0. You can now receive the full content of any post right in the body of the email and reply to that message right from your email client. We have also significantly improved the readability and threading of those messages. With the add-on Mobile Module, you can also now author new content by email (letting you start a conversation after you've left the house), either from the footer of any notification you've already received, or by downloading/sending vcards for any place to your address book. (If you are running an older version of SBS, there is also a way to create new content by email with the Advanced Email Plugin.)


          As for additional native mobile apps, we are looking next at the Blackberry and will be exploring solutions for Android too as demand grows. Hearing which features you'd like in that app is very helpful and I've recorded them for the future.



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            +1 here.  We are Sprint, and cannot talk about the iPhone.  We are heavily invested in WM and Android and would love a mobile client for either of these platforms.


            Or, even properly skinned template (see vBulletein) for WebKit or Plain Text lofi browsers.

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              Hi there,


              this thread is really interesting.

              I was interested in developing myself such an app to access Jive forums (we're still using Jive Forums here), and I've even studied the available Javadocs & documentation about Web Service APIs.

              Do you know where could I ask specific development questions (e.g. what does this method does, what does that class stands for etc.).


              Thanks a lot,


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                  Currently we have some users visiting the forums on their Android browser but since the Android browser isn't supported we have had some dedicated forum users responding in HTML. Yes coding html on their phone just to respond to a post. There are some bugs in Gmail and AOL that do not allow users to respond via email very consistently so we can't give our Android/mobile users confidence in responding via email. Hopefully it gets better in 4.0.X.


                  I'm all behind you buddy if you can put together an app. I am sure there are several of us here including William that can help you frame up what we'd like to see. If you get a chance at a T-Mobile USA phone you can see an app implemented as part of My Account to their Lithium Forums.



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                      We have a significant project that would be well served by this and could be the driver to update to the SBS 4.x series.  The more info, examples, etc the better!


                      I think a concern for a template switch would be caching and performance.  It may be more feasible to use mobile friendly CSS with media dependenent switching. See the recent article on A List Apart. That's one approach we're investigating.


                      Mobile app development would use the full 4.x API via rest, if you need or want a thick client on the handset.




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                      Hi guys,


                      I'm struggling with the Jive forums admins to get the Java Client API (which contains the com.jivesoftware.forum.webservices.ServiceLocator class), as commented here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/docs/latest/documentation/web-services-developer-guide.html


                      Do you know where I can find the .jar in the server?

                      We're running forums v5.5.6.