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    Have any of you installed 4.0?


      How was the upgrade and transition? Was it smoother than previous upgrades installs? Any insights to share?

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          Hi Jackie2.0,


          I implemented the upgrade on my local environment. I haven't yet upgraded the RPM (we use SUSE).


          The upgrade was challenging in that the whole security API has been rewritten and we was making use of some of these in our customisations.


          Additional challenges include:

          • an issue with the Spell Checker API which now causes a stack overflow if the spelling files are missing (which was always the case for me locally until I fixed it).
          • We have a custom rendering filter which had to be changed, due to a new URL filters
          • We changed how the filterChainProxy was modified in our security authentication plugins as suggested in a document by Jive.
          • Email message templates are now HTML and plain text, so any changes there needs to be redone.
          • Obviously the most of theme needed migration.


          Some struts actions have changes, so the plugin struts.xml need a full review.

          Some spring bean declarations were changes, so again, spring.xml in the plugins need a full review.


          When first executing the 4.0 version, I got regular security errors which were caused by custom version of local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar which jive have made (located in JRE Home/lib/security).


          I think that was it!


          I hope this helps.



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