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    Status update search and clickable URLs




      Does anybody know if Status Updates are searchable in 4.0?

      Also, is it possible to share clickable links via status updates?


      Many thanks in advance

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          As far as I can tell it's not possible to share clickable links via status updates. It's a feature I'd like to request though!


          Don't know about the searchability of them - based on a brief test on 4.0 it doesn't appear that they are searchable.

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            Caroline is correct (thanks for jumping in with the fast answer Caroline!). Both are coming next year.

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                Ryan Rutan

                Could you guys explain a bit more what you mean by "clickable links"...it sounds like this may encompass a feature request I was about to do ....


                What I'd like to see is a "synchronous" (Chat) and "asynchronous" (Discussion) way to act on a person's status.  For example,


                User A says "I'm doing XYZ today"...

                User B sees User A's status...

                and wants to let them know of a short-cut, or helpful URL.


                As it stands in the system today, I'd have to either:

                • Private Message (not ideal)
                • Start a discussion in User B's space..and invite A in (not exactly a hot action, and eliminates others who might have similar feedback from participating + fragmenting conversations if others decided to do the same thing)
                • Start a discussion in an open container, where User A is a member and make them aware of the discussion


                It would be nice to have a comment structure on Status Updates that was easily accessible and visible through all UI places where the status is displayed (i.e. User Profile, Widgets, etc..)


                Is this what you mean by "clickable" status updates?  If not, then Olivia...could you add a feature-request case ID to this request?


                Didn't really talk about the chat option.  Not sure how the Chat element would work in parallel...(i.e. would the chat get synced to comments)...initial thoughts are no...I'd say if there was a comment structure...the chat would be less important.


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