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    Anyone out-there considered an Aspect Click-to-Call Plugin?

    Ryan Rutan

      I know that Cisco is a user of Jive, but thought it might be interesting to see if anyone else has had this feature-request come-up?  Assuming that as long as there is an Aspect Java API (from a quick search online, it might be called..Aspect CMI Javabean Development Toolkit)..it should be feasible to create an CMIAspectManager that can handle this sort of information, based on User-Profile fields that store the appropriate phone numbers and/or directory locations from LDAP (and/or lookup service via CMIAspectManager for User to Phone ID).


      If anyone from Cisco has any insight they would be willing to share, this could be a great discussion.


      I'm not asking Jive for a Feature Request on this officially; however, it would make sense for there to be some level of support (perhaps a generic click to call Manager, should it be appropriate), that developers could extend/implement to work with Aspect. Just a thought.