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    Feature Discussion:  Multi-Project Roll-Up Calendar

    Ryan Rutan

      I know that Jive has been on the fence with Calendaring, but this is one that could be a logical improvement/enhancement to the Project Calendaring experience.  As projects grow, and people look to separate phases/sprints into their smaller projects, it may be beneficial to have a Project Calendar Widget that is capable of grouping all projects in that Space into a single view.  Similar ot iCal, but less flexible.  Ability to see which projects are visible, click on a project to hide tasks/checkpoints from a specific project.


      This may go into a larger, what to do with Calendaring for the internal deployments; as I feel that Jotlet is a great ground-up alternative...as well as the other plugins such as google etc.


      Other features that would benefit from Project Task Enhancements to Tasks/Checkpoints could be the following:

      • Filtered Project(s) Calendar View (filter by Tags, completed tasks, tasks behind schedule, tasks less than 50% complete)


      This is a 1st stab, but I'm sure common sense will fill-in the rest. =)  Thoughts?

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          Ryan Rutan

          Any word on this feature request?

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            Hey Ryan,

            A number of us have request fatigue for calendars.  I've chimed in many times but I don't think the internal team that is deciding fully knows what it's like to be in a large organization that doesn't have a central calendar for everyone.


            Calendars are one of the most user requested features but Jotlet maintenance is pretty much non-existant.

            If you want our users to use Google Calendar then please formally support the plugin.


            The average SBS user wants restricted calendar to schedule stuff.  In a large organization like ours, there are over 50 email systems (which also means multiple calendaring systems) and they share view permissions, plus we don't let our vendors or other partners into our internal only calendars if they are off site.  In a small organization like yours, you probably don't realize that large organizations are not always on a single calendaring system with each other, their vendors, and their essential commuincation partners. 

            A roll up project calendar will be a favorate with those who have muliple large projects and want to get visability (like me) but alas, most just want the calendar described above.