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    Feature Request:  Tabbed DocumentView Widget

    Ryan Rutan

      This is pretty straight forward.  We've gotten many requests to have better multi-stage widgets for social group / community dashboards....and the most common request is a "tabbed" interface that they can drop into the top center of the dashboard...I figured with the new SBS 4.0 DocumentView Widget, it could "easily" be scaled to support tabs.


      Perhaps it supports a max number of tabs (5-7)...and the Widget's properties are strictly the following:

      • label1
      • doc1
      • label2
      • doc2
      • label3
      • doc3
      • ....


      Users could add up to the max number of tabs of content (thinking 5 would be ample..3 being the most common case)...if they dont fill in #4 label or doc...then the tabs will stop at 3.  It's nasty, but I haven't see a nice Table Widget control yet...so figure that's what we got for the time being.


      Once rendered, the Tabs would do AJAX style replacing of the active pane....showing the appropriate labels for each pane.


      Thoughts?  Perhaps, this can be the same widget, and if only 1 document is selected, with no label the output is as it is today?