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    JiveWorld Videos


      I'm thinking it isn't too much to ask that as an attendee I should have received an email about the availability of the videos and slides of the presentations (rather than stumbling across them while browsing the site), and that I wouldn't have to "register" again to see them. Just sayin...




      Then again, I didn't receive the survey link that was supposedly sent out as well. Perhaps there is a problem somewhere between Portland and Sunnyvale... 


      The video quality isn't great, and the audio is worse. But, I do think it's pretty cool that Jive is making these available and especially paired with the PDF slides could be extremely useful to both attendees (who missed certain sessions) and non-attendees alike.

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          Hi Kevin -- I'm glad you like that we posted these. We just got them up at 11pm and are working on the announcement now. You should get that soon, too, but the good news is active community member find them first! :-) See you at the open house!