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    Feature Discussion: Potential Features for Jive SBS 4.0+


      Hey Everyone,



      We recently had a meeting with our business stakeholders to educate them about SBS 4.0 and all the value it offers for collaboration. They raised some questions about possible feature requests that would help on the business side, so I wanted to throw out their ideas to the community, and see what other people's thoughts / opinions on the potential features are. In addition, trying to see if some of these may have already been solved by previous feature requests or plugin add-ons.




      Feature Requests:


      1. When adding a widget to a container, is it possible to default the widget to the edit-option, instead of having to do an additional click to get into the edit-mode after dragging it to the specific container?


      2. Is it possible to customize landing pages by being able to inject chosen custom content (tabbed sections, etc.) ?


      3. Feature request that allows you to tie a sub-group to a community? (I believe this is somewhat solved with "Projects", but a more direct relationship may be helpful. )


      4. Feature request that allows you to:

           A. Capture Response Time  (How long it took to respond to a discussion for example.)

           B. Due Date  (When an item is actually due.)



      5. The ability to automatically notify a specific user when a "high priority" document has been CREATED. (I believe there is already funcionality to receive updates when a user is subscribes / tracks a thread or document.)


      6. The ability to tie translated copies of a document together. Being able to see easily, when viewing a document, if it is available in other languages.





      As I said before, I wanted everyone's thoughts and opinions on the above features. If they already exist in some capacity, or if maybe this could be filed as a future feature request with Jive.


      Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks! =)



      --Asif Ahmad

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          Hi Asif,


          Great input. Thank you!


          1 and 6 make sense. Good suggestions.


          I believe 2, as I understand your request, is possible through customization.


          For 2 and particularly 3, 4, and 5, can you share more about the problems you're trying to solve with these, or when/how you would use these features?



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              Hey Olivia,


              I apoligize for the delayed response, with the holiday season upon us, things have gotten a bit busy!


              To answer your question on the specific feature requests, I spoke with our business and got some more detailed responses for what we would use these features for.



              Feature Use-Cases:


              3. Feature request that allows you to tie a sub-group to a community:


              Idea here would be to have group content flow up to the parent community (ie. searching content within that community will find content for it's "child groups", and have the group's location as a child of the community reflected in the breadcrumbs and perhaps even in community hierarchy navigation (maybe an option to show groups in displayed hierarchies, if this feature gets implemented).


              4A. Capture Response Due Date/Time:


              When a branch representative, UserA, escalates an issue to another representative, UserB, he/she submits the escalation information and waits on UserB's response. UserB should respond in a set period of time (usually around a day or less turnaround time) and this Response Due Date/Time should be calculated based upon when the escalation was submitted. As long as UserB responds to the thread (it does not have to be answered, but they should post some relevant and useful information to help with the issue) in this timeframe, the Response Due Date/Time is met. Each time UserA creates another response/reply, a new Response Due Date/Time should be calculated and displayed for UserB to reference. (This process is useful to help our employees prioritize their work, as well as keep the issues moving along so that ultimately, we are supporting all of our customers in a timely manner.) If the deadline has passed, the thread should display Past Due or Overdue to indicate this.


              4B. Resolve By Due Date/Time:


              The Resolve By Due Date/Time is based on the severity of the escalation. For higher priority escalations, the Resolve By Due Date/Time will be shorter. More important customers = higher priority = closer Resolve By Due Date/Time.

              Both the Response Time Due Date/Time and Resolve By Due Date/Time should be displayed on the thread / document / context for easy reference by the owner of the thread or others who view the thread (such as managers). We would like to also have reporting around these values for managers - i.e. which employees have the most "past due" threads? Which threads are not getting responded to by the Resolve By deadline?, etc.


              5. Notifications Based on Priority:


              The idea here is for a different type of contexts (Discussions, documents, etc.) escalation - when UserA escalates a discussion for example to UserB, we would like for UserB to select a priority or severity for the discussion. The higher the priority, the more management needs to get a notification of the discussion and any updates to the thread. For example, currently there are some threads of highest priority that are "director level" - they are labeled important enough for a director to get email notifications.



              Hopefully this clears things up a bit!


              Please let me know if you need any additional details or information Olivia, and I'll get it to you ASAP!


              Thanks again for all your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!