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    Breaking down data by permissions group




      Two of my clients want to break down their data by permissions group (e.g. to be able to report separately on internal users vs customers). However, permissions groups aren't stored in the analytics database (as far as I know?).


      So, what I'm doing now is somewhat convoluted (note: these are hosted instances so I don't have direct database access):

      1. Download dump of analytics database to a local db
      2. Download dump of system database to a local db
      3. Run separate queries in excel to bring in data from the analytics database and from the system database
      4. Use some excel magic (well, vlookups ) to associate analytics data with the permission group of the user and make some pretty reports


      Does anyone have any better suggestions on how to report by permission group?


      A few specific reports I'm running (or need to run but haven't yet set up):

      • # of discussion replies by customers vs internal users
      • # of logins per month, broken down by permission group
      • Top participants broken down by customers vs internal users


      In each of these cases the users are only in one permissions group


      - Caroline