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    Public community, moderated registration. How do you handle?


      Hello fellow Jive folk -


      Does anyone here have a public facing community where registrations are moderated? I'd love to chat with you about your approval process and sanity check some of the pain points we are having.


      Our community is public facing, but restricted to customers, partners and employees. This means that our registration is moderated. Folks can register, but the account requests are matched back by email domain to a company list. If there is a match, account is approved. No match, account is rejected.


      Pain points:


      1. Web-based emails cannot be matched back to the company list.

      At first, we were rejecting these accounts. However, I learned that no email is sent to the user upon rejection. In order to reach out to the user and see if he can provide a corporate email address (and see if we can gain a community member), we have been emailing individually from Outlook.


      2. Our SBS is hosted, so no DB access to the user accounts.

      If we learn later than a rejected account should be approved, we need Jive Support's assistance in changing a user flag in order to re-activate the account.

      With these challenges, we now have a looooong list of registrations that we're 'sitting on' - don't want to approve (they haven't been validated as a customer yet); don't want to reject (may need to get help from Jive Support to re-activate later).


      I welcome your experiences, suggestions and feedback.


      Thank you!



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          Hi Trisha,


          it may help to add some text to the registration page like: "You need a corporate email address to register. Free email accounts like ...@yahoo.com, ...@googlemail.com, ... are not allowed because of whatever. If you still want to register with a free email address please contact us at foo@example.com"

          Also add a small javascript which checks the email domain and makes sure that one can not "submit" the registration request if a free email address is specified.



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            Great question. We're still evaluating but this is exactly the type of challenge for which I need to create responsible guidance. Our community will be private and for our customers and partners. While we thought we would only register folks who could provide corporate e-mail addresses, my guess is that contractors and sub-contractors who work for our customers will force us to evolve the policy quickly. I guess you just have to manage the "review" process outside of Jive?

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                Hi Paul - Correct, we manage the review process outside of Jive, by checking multiple systems and using a spreadsheet. *shudder*


                In an effort to approve as many accounts as possible, we check the user account against multiple sources:


                1. Support CRM: If the user has a corporate email domain that matches an existing Customer account, the user is approved


                2. Sales CRM: We have partner companies in the Sales CRM that are not reflected in Support CRM. If the user's corporate email domain matches a current active Partner company, the user is approved.


                3. Rejected users: For users that are rejected, we record the username, email address, name, date of registration and date of rejection. Why? Our SBS is hosted by Jive. If we learn later that a user should have access, we need to go to Jive Support in order to re-activate the rejected user. Providing the username in the reactivation request is very useful.


                4. Contractors of customers: If the user appears in the Support or Sales CRMs as an active contact within a Customer or Partner organization account, the user is approved.


                5. Web-based email addresses:

                - If a first and last name is given, then the Support and Sales CRMs are checked. If there is a match, the user is approved.

                - If there is no match, user is rejected. No email to the user is sent.


                In the beginning, we were emailing the about-to-be-rejected users in order to give them an opportunity to identify themselves as customers or partners. However, this caused our "In Progress" tab of the spreadsheet, and the list of users waiting to be approved/rejected, to grow and grow and grow...


                I like the suggestions provided by LG. We have not implemented them, however, as we are being extremely careful and conservative in the number of customizations added to our SBS instance. Customizations add to the effort required when upgrading to newer SBS software versions.


                Hope this is helpful!