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    UI enhancement: if tags are part of search logic, why not enable filter by tags as a standard search feature?

      After going on this Jivespace community and looking at the Jive website, I've realized that you can use tag cloud widget to find documents. Duh, you say. But if this is not obvious to me it is not obvious to many other users. (OK, perhaps those of us over 35.)


      Why not simply allow users to search/filter ONLY by tag?  A search by tag option under "more options" would keep the search clean while providing the clarity for user who are skeptical about tagging.


      As it is users are confused (even those under 35) why they should be tagging, if tag is only one of many items in the search formula.  What if I don't care about age of the content, but we have specific rules about use of a tag like "management_and_planning". I don't want to wade through recent documents with "management" and "planning" in them. I just want the stuff tagged "management_and_planning".


      The search cloud still has its place. Perhaps it could be linked in the search box, along with the ability to filter by a specific tag?