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    Collaboration network

      I am exploring various products available for implementing a collaboration network for a client ( product based) , and am looking for the following features:-


      1, Product Menu / Features

      2. Consumer / Registered User Login

      3. Product Reviews / Ratings

      4. Feedback and Tips.

      5. Disscussions and Threads


      Please let me know if Jive SBS supports all of this.

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          Billy Volpone



          Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this project. I believe we can address all of your needs, but some of the features in your list are broad and I would love to dive deeper into specifics and hear other feedback you may have.


          Also, since Infosys is an official Jive partner, have you already been put in touch with your client's regional account manager? If not, I can help with that as well.


          Let me know when you have a few minutes to chat. My contact information is listed below:


          Billy Volpone