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    Any case for requiring separate approval step by author with approver rights?

      We are thinking about making a change to document approvals in a future release and would appreciate your input. With this change your own approval of your own work would become implicit:


      SituationCurrent VersionsFuture Versions
      You write and publish a document with yourself as approverYou must approve the document in a separate step for it to be publishedPublished immediately (implicit approval)
      Someone else (not an approver) writes a document with you as approverYou must approve the document for it to be publishedNo change
      Someone else (not an approver) edits your document, for which you are an approverYou must approve the changes for them to be publishedNo change
      Someone writes or edits a document for which you and they are both approversThe document is published immediatelyNo change


      We're considering a similar change with moderation as well: anything you have permission to moderate would not go into the moderation queue. (Timing on this one still TBD.)


      Would this change cause any problems with how you are currently using approvals or moderation?