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    Workflow concept in Jive

      May I know if there is solution to have workflow in Jive especially in Documents?

      Just like a series of tasks that will produce an outcome.

      For example, when someone published a doucment, the sytstem will routes the document to a specific group of people for approval.


      Please advice

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          I'm interested in this also. I'd like to see the following, relatively elementary capabilities:


          1. Routing to one or more people
            1. Sequential routing, certainly. Some parallel capability would be a big plus.
          2. Escalation: the ability to trigger actions such as email when threshholds have been exceeded, e.g., when a wiki has not be viewed in the desired time period
          3. Signature to indicate completion of an activity. ("Click here to indicate that you have reviewed this document.")
          4. It would be great to tie the work flow to any content. That way I could have a training video with a signature capability to prove it's been viewed.
          5. Reporting on the work flow
            1. The work flow was assigned to persons A, B, and C
              1. A has completed it.
              2. B is at step 3 of the work flow
              3. C has not started


          Let me know. The original posting is from the end of the year. It would be nice to have an answer in less than three months.

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              Roy, did you get an answer?  I am interested in what you are looking for as well. 

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                  Unfortunately, no. Haven't heard anything.

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                      Apologies for the delayed response, all. It should be possible to implement a light-weight workflow solution as a Jive App on Jive 5. It might work something like this:


                      A document approval app exposes a form-based text editor (usually, document workflow involves more structured content than just free-form docs). A user fills in this form and submits it which creates a formatted Jive document behind the scenes. The app then sends inbox notifications to the list of users designated by the author as approvers. The inbox notifications contain a link to the document with an approve/reject option. The app records each approver's action and then updates the approval status of the document accordingly.


                      This is merely the simplest example I could think of which illustrates how a representative system might work. There are of course plenty of opportunities to work in more complex behavior to satisfy more use cases. It is out hope that by fostering a rich and vibrant community of both internal and external developers, solutions such as this will take form and market dynamics will bring the best ones to the top.

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                          I have experience in workflow engine for CMS design and implementation for DOCS Open (OpenText Suite) and familiar with ActionWorkflow, Staffware and EMC Documentum workflow engines for document processing.


                          I'm ready to share my experience with Jive Dev team!

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                    Old thread but thought I would add an idea.  I'm not aware of workflow in Jive other than simple approve/reject options for some content like documents, but you could accomplish 'workflow like' functionality by using what I think would be fairly basic customizations to add or remove tags from content and displaying content in widgets/apps based on those tags. 


                    i.e.  Initially when you create a new document, you automatically add a tag of Draft.  Anything with a tag of Draft would show up in a widget configured to key off of that tag or fire notifications based on the tag.  When editing the document, you customize the editing page to supply a mandatory taglist such that the user must choose either Draft or Review.  If they choose Review then you should automate to remove the Draft tag and add 'Review'.  'Review' tagged docs would then show up in widgets configured to display those docs, etc. 


                    Thus by adding and removing tags you can make content 'automagically' appear in different places in the experience or be picked up by batch processeswhich can drive your workflow.

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                      Has anyone looked into utilizing Wrike to manage workflow?

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                        Sandra Flanagan

                        Hi all, I was just curious whether anyone had a recent update on this? We're using Jive-n 8.0.1 and are currently looking for a new workflow solution. If this is possible via Jive, it would be very useful. Otherwise, we may need to use a different software.

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                            Libby Taylor

                            Hi Sandra, I'm not aware of any options but it might be a good idea to talk to a partner about building something before you actually switch platforms. There's such a huge cost to switching platforms and I'm sure a partner or developer could build a workflow for you for less than the cost of moving. If you need recommendations of who to contact, I can connect you to our partner team.

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                                Sandra Flanagan

                                Hi Libby, thanks so much for your response. Also, just to clarify, we are not planning on switching our intranet platform anytime soon. Jive has been a tremendous asset for us, especially in terms of communication and collaboration, and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback on our new intranet platform ever since we made the switch


                                In addition to using Jive as our intranet platform, we are looking to incorporate the use of workflow for a form (i.e. post a form and have it get routed to the next person, and then the person after that, for the form to get approved in a hierarchical manner within our organization). Currently, we are exploring different types of software to see what might work best, and we are considering using either Jive, Sharepoint, or a different option. Anyhow, if you have any recommendations for contacts, I'd be happy to pass that information along to others on my team.

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