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    New to the fray - anyone have suggestions?


      I've been working on the fringe at PR Newswire, helping our community organize and get engaged. But I'm now working full-time as the Wiki Systems Admin for UBM. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations coming into this on a full-time basis?

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          Wikis can become a huge ball of useless data very fast.  You need to impose some organization and standardization to help people.  You need to look at how all of those pages get searched and if that search integrates with the other communications and publishing platforms, such as an intranet.  Typically, I have seen engineering groups grab wikis and run with them, but very few other organizations end up using them.


          If this is really a community and not a wiki, then you need to rebrand it quickly to avoid people automatically thinking, I know what a wiki is and I do not want one".


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            Is part of your role as administrator to evangelize the use of the system throughout UBM?


            How many users do you have?


            What was the state of the deployment when you inherited it?


            Some folks seem to take to social systems like ducks to water while others have trouble using email and telephones. For those who will enjoy using your SBS deployment you'll probably just need to provide tips and tricks to get the most out of it but for those others you'll likely need a "carrot" of some sort to lure them (unsuspectingly) into the brave new world that the rest of us inhabit.