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    Largest Secret Santa Ever for Community of Strangers

      A colleague of mine (Paul O'Fallon) sent this story to me today about a community of strangers who participated in the largest secret santa ever. Over 4,500 people signed up and 5,000 gifts were sent.


      Story:   Reddit Users  Band Together For Largest Secret Santa Ever


      You can read about how it worked and see photos of some of the gifts in Anthony Cangiano's blog.  I particularly liked this quote from his blog:


      There is something extremely appealing about being assigned the task of finding a present for someone who is a total stranger. The usual dynamics of exchanging gifts are overhauled by removing a sense of awareness when it comes to what the receiver expects, their known likes and dislikes, and the expectation of getting something back in return.


      In a way it's a novel, purer form of gift giving that I enthusiastically embraced for the first time in my life (I'm from Italy where Secret Santa initiatives are not customary). I subscribe to the theory that strangers are friends we haven't met yet, and I feel that showing generosity towards, and interest in, strangers is one small way to improve this world.


      Have your community managers organized anything like this before? How did it go?