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    Announcements flowing to Subspaces

      Is there a way to make an announcement at either the root space or another high-level space flow down to its subspaces?

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          Not at present. We have been discussing this a bit (related conversation here: How do you all use announcements?) What sort of announcements are you making that you would like to flow to subspaces? Are our current Announcements the right kind of vehicle for your message if they could be shown on the main pages of subspaces?

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              The only announcement we would like to flow to subspaces is information on Availability:  Outages / Maintenance. I think the current format is great for this type of information.   The design of our internal community is such that there will be many spaces and community managers.  We need a method to still let them control their own announcements, but also automate pushing the availability announcements to the entire system.  Because we are using single-sign-on there is a very good possibility that users won't go direct to their homepage, but will bookmark directly to their community instead.