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    Image attributes in macro are mangled - what to do?




      We are looking into adding math notation support to the editor in SBS 4.0.x. Our solution to show nice math expressions is based on, and similar to what you find on mathtran.org. In short, the math expressions are images inserted into the document.


      We have a working general tinyMCE-plugin, are there any recommendations on how to go about adding general tinyMCE-plugins?

      As far as I can see, it's not quite that simple, with the pre-generated, "compressed" javascript files and all.


      I've look into adding the feature by writing a custom macro, based on the googlemaps example, since it is essentially doing the same thing. The problem is that the image properties, such as the "src" attribute is mangled to "_src" by Jive, which means that the picture does not show up in the editor. The googlemaps example behaves the same way and has a default Google logo image it places in the area by way of css instead, but that is not an acceptible solution in this case.


      Is there a way around this? Or should we try to add the tinyMCE-plugin the "hard" way. I assume this involves repackaging the SBS jar. Any recommendations on how to go about that.


      I  might add that we have come a long way into selecting Jive SBS as the foundation for our community site, but the ability to add math notation support, and in an easily accessible manner as well, not hidden in some meny, is really a killer feature that could change all that. So we need pretty much full access to configure the editor some way or other.


      Best regards,

      /Fredrik Jönsson Norrström