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    Taking Org Chart to the next level



      I'm just getting started on a Jive SBS implementation (on the team for Employee Engagement) and I wanted to share my observations to date regarding the org chart functionality in the User Profile.


      My feedback is that it is rather simplistic (e.g. doesn't show dotted line relationships) and it doesn't measure up well to existing Enterprise-wide org chart point solutions which many have already implemented.  In most cases, these point solutions are driven from the core HRIS system, and can include competency data, or other attributes which make a lot of sense to share in a social context.


      I do see significant opportunities to integrate more robust org chart capabilities into Jive, and would propose that you consider working with leading Org Chart tool publishers to develop a plug-in or simliar approach which would result in presenting more robust org chart-related information to users.


      As an example, we have an existing investment in Org Publisher from Aquire, and although we would have the ability to make the charts available within Jive, it would be more powerful to embed this as part of the User Profile and have one approach for reviewing Org Chart information.


      I hope you'll consider some additional development and/or partnership to evolve existing functionality to be even better.