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    Interested in a user group un-meeting in Boston?

      I am responsible for communty development and operations for our customer-facing communities at EMC.  The +30 community managers here are always interested in congregating to learn more and share best practices.  The wonderful folks at Jive have agreed to support the concept of a user group meeting in the Boston area.  We (at EMC) would be glad to host it.


      • Can you let us know if you're interested?
      • What would be your priority topics if Jive provided a speaker?
      • Are there any other Jive User Group participants - in other cities - that want to let us know how they are doing?


      Here's what would be helpful to know and I'll start:



      NameHow to get youWhere you areTopics?
      Susan Zellmann-Rohrerzellmannrohrer_suan@emc.comMetro West Boston
      • Game-oriented technologies for engagement
      • Synergistic use of syndicated social media platforms (Twitter) and private communities.