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    Usability improvement for selecting recipients of a private message

      When creating a private message, Jive offers a number of tabbed options for identifying recipients (browse, connections, org chart, search, newest, and address book).  Interestingly enough, regardless of which tab is used to drive the people selection process, when a user is presented with a resulting list, one can only select people one by one prior to clicking the Add Selected People button.  This is cumbersone when the list exceeds one screen.


      By providing a "select all" feature based on the resulting list, a user would only need to make two clicks (one to select all from the result list, and one to Add Selected People).


      The use case I'm trying to address involves support for Internal Communications who might find a time-sensitive need to communicate outward, and say, for example, wanted to search Employee Profile as a mechanism to define a target population (e.g. everyone who works at a particular site).  Although the introduction of Jive certainly changes the paradigm as to how Communications professionals do their jobs, the business need to push content to a targeted population in a time-sensitive manner will remain a part of the equation.  It is not enough, in some cases, to simply offer up content for consumption decisions by the end user.